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Oh, Instincts Are Misleading; You Shouldn't Think What You're Feeling

And week 7 of Insanity is in the history books! Even though I have felt like pure crap all week. This time of year blows for my health. The crazy, swinging weather always gives me massive headaches .... and on top of that, my throat has felt all gunky and moderately sore. And I just worked over a week straight. And had a visit from my DM in there. But I digress! Week 7 was fine; my body adjusted to the max stuff pretty well, actually. I still hate every last pushup involved in Max Plyo, but at the end of that DVD during the stretch, Shaun T says, "You should feel good right now. You should feel accomplished, because I know you did better than last time." And he's right! I can't believe this is over in 2 more weeks. I'll be moving on to my 90 days of P90x, and while I'm excited for a new challenge, I'm a little sad. I really like Shaun T's style, and I know I don't like Tony Horton's. He's douchey. But, oh well. I'll do it. I'm proud of me! I have worked out 6 days a week every single week this year so far. I have not skipped a single day. I have not half-assed anything.

I still want warmth. I would have taken so many more walks by now. I like taking walks when I can't sleep the best - wander the sidewalks and think, wear out my body, then hit the bed. I would have taken about 5 of those this week. It was a really stressful week. I need my stress levels to go down. Because working out is great and all, but it doesn't really seem to do much for you when you go home and eat a whole pizza after work just to calm down.

I am an emotional eater. I wish I could stop.

I'm being useless today. After a workout and shower, I've been sitting on the internet catching up on my favorite blog for hours. I made a GIANT Spring Cleaning checklist at work last night, and cannot muster up the energy to do any of it. Or play video games. Or cook. Or pay my bills with my nonexistent money. Nope. Reading a blog. The sad thing is, I love cleaning. But how can I get excited for spring cleaning when it's not even 40 degrees out!?

The apartment smells great though. I use Wallflowers plug-ins from Bath and Body Works, and invested in some new scents yesterday. I normally fill every room of the house with Vanilla Coconut (YUM!) but decided to be adventurous. So the bedroom and my car are still rocking the classic, but the living room is Pineapple Orchard and the bathroom is Sea Breeze Cotton. I'm in love.

I'm also in love with champagne truffles. At 2.50 a pop, they're worth every single penny. Why is there a candy store across from work? That's just not fair.

Off to read more blog. And be a lump for the rest of the day. I suck.
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